Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies. I would appreciate it if you take the time to read these terms before contacting me. If you have any requests or want more information on a term you can email me on

  • I will not always respond to requests, it may be that I’m busy at the time. But if you do not hear from me within a week assume that I am not interested in reviewing the book. 
  • I prefer hardcopies of books (I don’t really mind if they are hardback or paperback) but I do accept ebooks if the plot of the book intrigues me, I own a kobo reader and prefer to be in epub format.
  • I try my best to review any copy that I have been sent, however this can vary in the amount of time that it takes for me to get the review up as it depends upon what work I have/what mood I am in. (Unless of course it is a blog tour)
  • I do also want to note that by accepting a review copy this does not mean I will necessarily write about the book in a positive way, I will give my honest opinion on the book as this is what my readers expect.
  • For a blog tour I will need to receive the book at least two weeks prior to the post date to give me time to read and plan the post about the book.
  • I will always disclose at the start of a review that I have been sent the copy for review and state that this will not affect my opinion.
  • Once I have finished reviewing a book I tend to pass it on, donate it to charity or delete it in the case of ebooks (unless the book becomes a favourite then it stays on my shelf)
  • I will warn people if there are any offensive or potentially triggering elements to a book, though I am not sensitive to anything myself I want my readers to feel like they know exactly what they are getting into.
  • I do not accept self-published books.
  • I am happy to accept both ARC’s and finished copies.
What I like
  • Crime Fiction 
  • True Crime
  • Psychological
  • Thrillers
  • Dystopian
  • Quirky/Science books
  • Psychology books/textbooks
  • Books set during World War 2 Era
  • Books about Mental Health
  • Taboo subjects