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Career Choice: It’s okay to change your plans.

I was always the kind of person who changed their career plans very often. I believe the first ever job I wanted was a lollipop lady (if you’re not from the UK this is the person who helps children to cross the road safely) when I was around 6 years old. During our high school years we are told we need to know what we want to do, what path we wanted to take and what we needed to do to get there. But the truth is, sometimes we can take steps towards a certain goal to then decide to cast a wider net and not just stick to one path.

I wrote a blog post not too long ago about my desire to teach and lecture. The truth is I don’t think I want to put myself in such a bubble to not try new things and potentially find something that I love and never thought I would try before. I have applied for something which I never thought I would go into and I’m actually excited about it! The point is, you don’t need to know what you want to do, it doesn’t need to be set in stone forever and it is more than okay to change your mind!

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