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Writing for journals; thoughts of an early career researcher

The idea of writing for journals has been incredibly intimidating to me. As I mentioned in my post on getting published, my first publication was to an open access journal where I was able to meet with the editor and get his thoughts on my work, as well as the second reviewer, rather than going through the process of waiting for a decision and having to revise and resubmit which is the process of many academic journals.

If you haven’t read my post on getting published, my first publication was a literature review of an aspect of my thesis topic. Currently, I am writing another literature review paper. I am quite lucky in the sense that my thesis topic is an incredibly new area in terms of being conducted in an English higher education setting and therefore, there are plenty of ideas of papers which I can write.

However, I’m finding the whole process incredibly daunting. I went to a workshop recently, run by Taylor and Francis, explaining the process of getting published in a journal and giving some really helpful tips. But, I’m someone who suffers terribly from the infamous “imposter syndrome” and actually getting myself to write and work on the paper has proven difficult. You would think that already having a publication would help, but it doesn’t. I still feel this sense of impending dread of “what if I’m not good enough” and “what if I’ve missed something out or the structure is completely wrong”

To help myself with the more technical side of things, I purchased the APA publication manual, which I think will help with many disciplines and is a must have for any new researchers who feel a bit like it’s a lot to take in, much like myself.

I often find myself feeling lost but I know that if I put my mind to it, I can do it.

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