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Serial Killer Sunday: Jeffrey Dahmer

Warning: Do not read these posts if you are easily affected by gore/abuse. Read at your own risk.
I’ve had a few people say to me that they really loved my Serial Killer Sunday and that it was one of the things they really loved reading on my blog, therefore as I am now doing Forensic Psychology as one of my modules and are getting more information on Serial Killers, I thought I would bring it back!
Year’s active: 1978 – 1991

Number of Killings: 17
Killing method: There are a multiple different methods of murder Dahmer would delve into including the use of a powersaw, strangulation and injections of acid. However, the majority of his murders were followed by cannibalism and necrophilia
Year caught: 1991
Where now: Murdered in Prison in 1994.

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21st 1960 in Wisconsin, USA. He is an incredibly infamous serial killer that many people will have heard of. There is a film that was created about him called Dahmer where he is portrayed by Jeremy Renner (you may have seen him in the avengers playing hawkeye) and there are numerous books and documentaries. Dahmer grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin with his mother, father and brother. His mother suffered from several illnesses and craved constant attention from her husband, she even attempted suicide. This ultimately lead to Dahmer being very reserved as he had little attention and was neglected by his parents.

From a young age, Dahmer had an interest in animals and collected large insects such as butterflies. Later, he started to collect animal carcasses from the side of roads which he would dissect in his home. His father later taught him how to preserve animal bones.
Once Dahmer became an adolescent he came to the realisation that he was in fact homosexual, but kept this a secret from his parents. He had several fantasies of knocking men unconscious and dissecting them as he had his animals earlier in life.

Dahmer committed his first murder at the age of 18, he picked up an 18 year old hitchhicker and invited him to his home where he lived alone. The pair drank together and listened to music and when the man wanted to leave, Dahmer bludgeoned him with a dumbbell and strangled him to death. Dahmer then stripped the clothes off the man and masturbated over his body.

All of Dahmers known victims were males, he has spoken openly about the majority of them, though it is well known that serial killers will not reveal every detail as they like to keep some things for themselves. A lot of Dahmers killings were opportunistic, of people that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dahmers murders escalated the more that he was able to get away with, he started to dismember and preserve body parts. The later murders he started to keep certain parts within his freezer in order to later consume them. He later also started to document his killings, taking Polaroid photos of the dismemberment process as well as also becoming more creative in his killings and using methods such as using drugs to render his victims unconscious.

Dahmer was caught as one of his intended victims managed to escape and contact the police. Once the police entered the apartment they found Dahmers Polaroids and were able to determine they were taken in that very apartment as the decor was the same. Dahmer attempted to fight the officers and resist arrest. Once Dahmer was handcuffed, one of the officers discovered a severed head within the freezer and called for back-up. After a thorough search of the apartment by the Investigation Bureau, 7 skulls, hearts and other parts were found as well as 74 photos.

Dahmer eventually confessed to his crimes, and was placed in confinement for his own safety. There was an attempt on his life with a razor blade but he managed to survive this assault. He was later attacked in a bathroom by two men which ultimately lead to his death.

What do you think of Dahmer? Why do you think he confessed to everything? Leave comments below!

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