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Book Review: Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen

Star Rating: 4/5
Title: Dying for Christmas
Author: Tammy Cohen
Publisher: Black Swan
Pages: 400
Genre: Fiction, Adult, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Kidnap

I am missing. Held captive by a blue-eyed stranger. To mark the twelve days of Christmas, he gives me a gift every day, each more horrible than the last. The twelfth day is getting closer. After that, there’ll be no more Christmas cheer for me. No mince pies, no carols. No way out …

But I have a secret. No-one has guessed it. Will you?

Another Adult Crime Novel! I really enjoyed this one, it was my mums and she passed it onto me, the benefits of having a mum who is almost as big of a reader as me! She basically only reads crime novels though, so I am using this to my advantage!

This book is about a woman who is held captive by a man over the 12 days of Christmas, every day he gives her a new present which explains something to do with his life and childhood, or hers. The writing of this is so well written, I found myself being able to imagine everything so clearly, at times it was difficult to read. For those of you who may be wondering, there is no form of rape or sexual assault in this book, it is far more on the sort of “lighter” end of the crime section, its not very Gorey or descriptive, so it’s a really good one to start with if you’re wanting to get into crime.

It’s pretty hard to describe or talk about without giving anything away. What I will say is that if you like a lot of mystery, confusion and plot twists then you will definitely like this book. It was so unexpected and just when you are sure of something, it gets incredibly confusing.

The only reason I didn’t give this book five stars is simply because I started to get annoyed with the main character (this makes me sound like a really horrible person I realise – she is held captive, how can I get annoyed? You need to really read the book to understand what I mean) and I think this may have been intentional, and she was exceptionally well written, I was also a little disappointed with the ending, I wanted it to be a bit more… action packed, I felt like it was a bit cliche and should’ve gone differently, but of course I respect the authors decision and I still really enjoyed the book!

I know this is a very short review, but like I said its hard to talk about without giving too much away, so I would say, this is the perfect book if you want to get into crime but don’t want all the gory details, and especially if you like twists and turns!

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