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Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

Star Rating: 4/5

Title: Carrie
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Hodder
Pages: 272  
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Carrie White is no ordinary girl.
Carrie White has the gift of telekinesis.
To be invited to Prom Night by Tommy Ross is a dream come true for Carrie – the first step towards social acceptance by her high school colleagues.
But events will take a decidedly macabre turn on that horrifying and endless night as she is forced to exercise her terrible gift on the town that mocks and loathes her

This is the first Stephen King book that I have read as well as the only one that I own, I have seen the latest movie, carrie and also the film the shining and The Green Mile (great film) but the majority of the time, as we all know, the book is better than the film and as I have had this book on my shelves for a couple of months now I decided to give it a go especially for the Anti-Bully Reads which you can read more about here

The majority of people even if they are not readers have heard of Stephen King, even my boyfriend has and he has only ever read the books that we had to in high school! I’ve never really gotten into horror books that much, I enjoy the occassional horror film though and as he is literally the king (no pun intended) of horror fiction I decided to give it a go and let me tell you, he did not let me down.

This book is about a girl called Carrie who has telekinesis, and is bullied a lot in school because of how different she is, her mother is insanely religious to the point where she didn’t even explain to Carrie about what a period is and why it happens because she believed that if you get your period then you have sinned and it is gods way of punishing women (did I mention this book is also quite strange?) so as you can imagine when Carrie gets her first period, she thinks that something is seriously wrong with her. In the film (I don’t know if this is true for the older film but for the remake it is) it made out that Carrie getting her monthly gift is what gave her the powers, where as in the book there are a number of parts which show that this isn’t the case and that she has had these powers her whole life.

The thing that stuck with me the most with this book is the way that it is written, it’s not just a straight forward fiction book in chronological order from start to finish, it jumps about quite a lot (which I love) and it also has a lot of case studies of Carrie, newspaper clippings etc. to give you hints about what happens in the end which I also liked. Even though I knew what was coming as I had seen the film previously, this did not take away from the enjoyment of this book, it’s so different from the film in many ways and such a great read.

For characters, Carrie was incredibly likable and if you have ever felt like an outcast or been bullied in school then you will definitely relate to her as well as her mum who doesn’t seem to listen to anything Carrie has to say (which I’m sure we can all relate to), Carrie was such a well written character that you were even routing for her, or making excuses for her, when the horrific events start to unfold at the end of this book. Susan Snell is another character that I want to mention, she joined in with bullying of Carrie and afterwards wants to fix this as she feels guilty about it, she’s featured a lot in the snippets of this book as she has wrote a book about these “events” that occur and explains her time with Carrie, she again was a really likable character. 

Obviously any book wouldn’t be complete without the horrible characters, by far the worse character of all was Billy, what a horrible human being, he treated people however he wanted to treat them. I also thought Carrie’s mum was quite a horrible character, she definitely wasn’t right and had these strange beliefs that hardly made any sense at all but I don’t believe she was this way through any fault of her own which is why I definitely don’t think she’s the worst character in this book. To me, this is what makes great writing, not only did Stephen King make you love the characters you were supposed to love, he made you hate characters with a passion as though they were real people, as though these things had actually happened. 

The most refreshing part of this book was the ending, it wasn’t a cliched ending, it wasn’t really expected (unless of course you’ve seen the film), this could be true for all horror books but I just really liked that it was different and didn’t really follow the typical “everything’s turned out great, the end” like most fictional stories.

I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to get my hands on more of Stephen King’s work, recommend me any of the books that you have enjoyed by him down below so I can add them to my wishlist!

And if you have read this book, what did you think? And what other books have you read by Stephen King?

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