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Serial Killer Sunday: Amelia Dyer

Warning: Do not read these posts if you are easily affected by gore/abuse. Read at your own risk.

I’m back with another Serial Killer Sunday! I’m back at university now, doing my second year of a Psychology degree, hence why I have been posting less. I am extremely excited this year because one of my modules is “Abnormal Psychology” and one of our lectures is on Serial Killers! I know, I’m so excited, which is kind of weird but hey, we all have morbid curiosity or you wouldn’t be reading this post. Before I continue, I just want to draw attention to this as some of you may not know, my first Serial Killer Sunday was on Jack the Ripper whose identity had never been discovered, recently it has! It turns out it was a Polish barber named Aaron Kosminski, the lecturer who helped with the DNA is actually a lecturer from my university! Who’d have thought, if you want to find out more click here.

I’m finding it quite difficult to pick what Serial Killers I want to talk about, but I want to make sure I cover a variety of different things. So my first post was a never found serial killer, my second a couple and my third a male, so it makes sense that my fourth be female!

Year’s active: 1880 – 1896
Number of Killings: 6-100 +
Killing method: Strangulation
Year caught: 1896
Where now: Executed by Hanging in Newgate Prison on June 10th 1896

Amelia is obviously one of the more older female serial killers but I thought that she was interesting and incredibly disturbing, it just brings about more questions of how? How was she able to do this?

Amelia was what was known as a “baby farmer” which was a common practice in Victorian England where she would offer to look after babies for a fee until they could find a new home, her “baby farm” was in Reading, England.

At the start of her baby farming career she decided to start neglecting and starving the babies that were in her care, a doctor became suspicious as he had to keep writing death certificates for babies in her care and she was sentenced to six months of hard labour in 1879. After this sentence she returned back to baby farming and began to murder and dispose of the bodies herself.

In January 1896, Amelia was given an illegitimate child called Doris who was just 4 months old. Amelia wrapped a white tape around the babies neck and tied the knot, a few months later she did the same thing to 13 month old Harry Simmons. With the help of her 23 year old daughter, Polly, she disposed of the bodies in the River Thames.

These bodies were discovered and eventually lead to her arrest and trial. She was found guilty of 3 murders and sentenced to hanging at Newgate prison.

There was also some speculation that she may have been responsible for the jack the ripper killings and that the opening of the bodies were an attempt at an abortion, there was never any evidence connecting her to the murders and the real jack the ripper has since been discovered.

Any thoughts on this serial killer? Any serial killer you want to hear more about? Or questions as to if there have been any serial killers in your area? Let me know!

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